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Freelance Cameraman & International Camera Crews

International Camera Crews & Video Services

Our focus is on providing comprehensive video production support, freelance cameraman services and international camera crews to both local and international clients

Based in Singapore, we operate across South East Asia and around the world

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International Camera Crews

We provide experienced international camera crews and directors of photography for corporate and documentary projects in Singapore, Asia and around the world

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Video Production Services

Full video production services for corporate clients – freelance cameraman services, video editing facilities, voiceovers and editorial advice on content creation

Editorial and Content Consulting

Professional journalists are available to conduct senior executive and C-level interviews as well as provide coaching for professional on-camera delivery

CSR projects and Video News Releases (VNRs)

Our editorial background helps you craft your stories the way you want whilst ensuring they have strong visuals that work for a video audience

Long-term time-lapse projects

Weatherproof timelapse systems are available to document the progress of any project that changes in size, shape or scale over a given timeframe

Production Directors & Location Managers

We work closely with local and international camera crews to manage the whole production process on your behalf and provide essential local knowledge for locations or contacts

We are a regular provider of camera crews and video services for international clients and leading agencies who trust us to provide what they need.


We pride ourselves on being responsive to your enquiries and flexible in meeting your needs, no matter how simple or complicated.

Greg founded Somerville Media in 2007. Drawing on an established background in broadcast media and video production, he has worked as a freelance cameraman as well as a staff cameraman, video editor, senior producer, voiceover artist, support and broadcast services manager and project leader for different news, corporate and broadcast clients.

He has held staff positions with Associated Press Television, France 24 and VCSS, Reuters Broadcast Services Partner, in both Europe and Asia.

International Camera Crews

Somerville Media provides freelance cameraman services and international camera crews to corporate clients in Singapore, Asia and around the world.

In addition to our own staff, we rely on an international network of colleagues to support us on our projects to ensure we can offer our clients the best possible service.

We understand what our clients need and have worked in more than 32 countries across 5 different continents.

Freelance Cameraman Services

We provide freelance cameraman services and video production support for local and international projects and can provide a wide range of equipment based on client requirements. We have long-standing agreements with camera rental houses so if we don’t have the equipment in-house we can easily rent it.
See the full list of our in-house CAMERA EQUIPMENT

We’re used to working according to briefs and can be your local partner for your video production needs.

Content & Video Production Consulting

Our extensive editorial background means we are in a perfect position to offer advice on your project to make sure you have what you need to tell your story and communicate your message effectively, both from a technical and commercial perspective.

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