Corporate Video Portfolio

Welcome to our corporate video portfolio where we showcase some of our recent video projects, camera crew work and post production for broadcast and corporate clients for brand marketing, digital video content, corporate videos and documentaries.

We provide experienced camera crews and tailor our Director of Photography, Soundman, Producer and Fixer services based on each individual job and its specific requirements. Our post production services, including graphics, colour grading and voiceover recording, is managed in-house and the feedback we receive from our clients has been consistently positive.

We aim for the same high standard on all our corporate video productions which includes working directly with the client to identify the requirements based on the brief provided, select the appropriate crew and equipment needed for the shoot and finally coordinating all the moving parts to make sure the filming runs on time and on budget each and every time.

Our focus is to provide the best possible visual content to support the brand messaging and connect with the target audience – professional storytelling in a visual environment.

This corporate video portfolio showcases just some examples of our work – we can’t make everything public due to privacy concerns. Please do get in touch if you’re after a particular type of video production or camera crew skill – chances are we’ve worked on it before or can help you manage the production requirements.

Please visit Somerville Media’s Vimeo or YouTube page for more videos or click here to go back to our home page

Somerville Media

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