Somerville Media camera crew travelled to Mumbai, India, for a two-day shoot at the Bombay Stock Exchange. Working with one of our local camera crews we conducted three interviews inside the BSE and filmed supporting b-roll to illustrate their operations.

BSE wins Innovation Award

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) currently boasts the fastest trading exchange in the world – all thanks to Red Hat, the software solutions provider.

The video project was part of a larger case-study being handled by a UK-based company and consisted in a two-day shoot in Mumbai. The purpose of the shoot was to conduct interviews with senior members of the BSE to highlight how Red Hat technology had allowed BSE to improve its trading speed and win an Innovation Award for Insfrastructure.

Somerville Media handles international camera crew

Somerville Media was appointed lead Director of Photography on the project and tasked with hiring a local cameraman, additional crew members and sourcing all the necessary equipment for the shoot including camera kit, lighting equipment and audio gear.

We also arranged a photographer to handle the portrait photography needed for their magazine and website.

Art Direction

As senior cameraman, Greg was in charge of coordinating the local crew and deciding on interview locations as well as lining up and directing the sequences needed to capture the necessary b-roll to tell the story accurately from a visual perspective.

Working in conjunction with the local crew and the local cameraman, we conducted three interviews over 2-days using C300 cameras and a slider to add movement to the interviews.

The key to making this possible was being able to work quickly and efficiently whilst managing the busy schedules of the interviewees and other participants.
The final video, edited by the client, was screened at the 10th Annual Innovation Awards Ceremony held in the San Francisco in June.

See the full video here