Somerville Media's international camera crew

Somerville Media’s international camera crews on assignment in Papua New Guinea to shoot a corporate feature for Total oil group

Somerville Media provides international camera crews to a large number of international corporate clients wanting to engage our expertise in video production.

In this instance we were asked to provide a cameraman with international experience and an ability to work independently to film a corporate feature for French energy giant, Total.

We received the brief from Total’s production company and travelled to Papua New Guinea with a company communications manager on two separate occasions to conduct interviews with the country director as well as local staff.

The shoot was incredibly varied, requiring extensive b-roll, and saw our cameraman filming on a boat, in a helicopter, at a natural gas exploration site in the Gulf of PNG and in a market in the heart of Port Moresby.

Papua New Guinea was an exciting place to work in, rich in colour and beautiful landscapes, but equally unpredictable and, at times, potentially dangerous.

The client was happy with our ability to adapt to changing requirements on the ground whilst being able to film compelling visuals to tell the story.