Sustainability & CSR Corporate Video Production

Sustainability & CSR Corporate Video Production are a key factor in delivering clear, engaging and effective messages to your audience.

Somerville Media is built on a solid background of professional broadcast and journalistic experience and it is precisely this background that our clients rely on shoot after shoot. Video production for sustainability projects and VNRs is at the forefront of key messaging surrounding growing issues which are particularly relevant in Asia.

The combination of Video News Releases (VNRs) with stories that have value on the international stage and professional video production services is the best way of guaranteeing maximum reach and maximum impact.

Our priority is to help you craft your stories the way you want whilst ensuring they have strong visuals that work for a video audience and that means understanding your message and providing you with an experienced camera crew and video production team to work with for pre and post production.

Editorial support
Video and television is its own beast and storytelling from a visual perspective is significantly different to storytelling from a written perspective.

Our background is in television and we understand the video production process required to make your content compelling and visually appealing to your audience – without that, content marketing will have no impact.

Sustainability and CSR Projects
Sustainability combined with Corporate Social Responsibility is a key part of today’s corporate world and an important way of helping communities.

Documenting such projects is about telling a story, about taking your viewer on a journey and about raising awareness about a particular cause. It’s about boosting morale within your own team and driving that spirit that will help them in the workplace.

But it’s also about being relevant and that’s where we can work with you to make sure your message works visually as well as contextually.

Our camera crews are experienced in covering these types of projects and understand the challenges of working on location and in different environments.

Video News Releases are the broadcast version of a press release and are an effective way of communicating company news or information at a regional or global level.

VNRs cost a fraction of what an advertising campaign would cost whilst offering broader distribution and visibility.

In order to be successful, VNRs need to be filmed and produced in a certain way and we work with experienced directors, producers, video editors and camera crews who understand what’s needed and can help craft your story for maximum impact.

We have agreements in place with leading VNR distribution platforms and can handle the end-to-end video production process on your behalf so you can focus on the messaging and the content.


Please take a look at our video portfolio or Vimeo page for a selection of some corporate video projects we’ve worked on.

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