Video Content & Brand Marketing

Video content & brand marketing are the perfect combination to achieving professional storytelling in a visual environment – and that is precisely where our strengths lie.

In addition to providing experienced camera crews who will be able to deliver the best possible footage, experienced journalists are available to conduct senior executive and C-level interviews as well as provide coaching for professional on-camera delivery.

The spoken word is very different to the written word, in style and delivery. Using video to convey a clear corporate message is a professional skill. This is our strength. We understand what is needed to help you, the client, use the medium to maximum effect.

Content Marketing Today’s buzzword is content marketing but the truth is that content marketing is actually just telling compelling and engaging stories to your audience. It’s a mix of journalism, storytelling and creativity and thanks to our editorial and visual experience we have just the right mix of all the right ingredients to tell your story.

Conducting Interviews Conducting an effective interview is a communications challenge. It requires judgment, experience and tact. We aim to ensure that the interviewee feels comfortable in front of the camera, and in control. That’s the first step to delivering a message that is clear and focused – your own message for your own purposes. We have experience in interviewing CEOs, government ministers, industry experts, academics, sporting and entertainment celebrities, as well as company employees across different sectors and in different countries.

On-camera delivery The spoken word, for the purposes of video, dances to its own rhythm. The cadence is different, the focus on particular words is different, the grammatical construction is different. Having the experience we do working in video production means we understand these differences and are able to coach you on how to perform in front of the camera. Anyone planning to speak in front of the camera needs to be briefed on the “do’s and dont’s”, on what to expect and the manner in which to deliver.

Media Training We also work closely with media training specialists who provide guidance on crisis communications and media management. These training sessions are conducted by experienced journalists who have been in real life breaking news situations and know the drill. They will help explain the media landscape to you as well as coaching you on how to plan for the interviews and manage the way you communicate your messages with the media.

Please take a look at our video portfolio or Vimeo page for a selection of some corporate video projects we’ve worked on.

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