Video production feedback from our clients is essential


We are very proud of the global video production services we offer our clients and the video production feedback we receive on the standard of our crews and our work.


Meeting those expectations and maintaining those high standards is key to our reputation.

Video production feedback for our camera crews as well as the pre and post video production work we do is probably what matters most. Whether we’re providing a camera crew, a director of photography, a cameraman, a producer, a fixer or managing the entire post production process for our clients, our focus is always to deliver the best quality and work to the highest possible standards.

The feedback we receive from our clients is not only encouraging for us but hopefully serves as an encouragement for our future clients to trust in the services we provide.


“The footage was great, and it’s cutting in well. We appreciate the work.

“Wow! I am so impressed by what you have created here and with such a short turn around. I have looked through this now 5 or 6 times and my first impression is that you have nailed this first time.

Once again my sincere to thanks to everyone in your team with whom it has been only a pleasure to work. The use of video in this way is a new departure for us and I am excited to see the impact it can make with our various stakeholders and in helping us communicate our important message to a wider audience.”

“The footage was great, and it’s cutting in well. We appreciate the work.”

“Thanks for the lightning fast turnaround. Much appreciated.”

“Thanks for the quick turnaround and the quality is great.”

“…thanks heaps for organising everything…the team was brilliant and made everything so easy so please pass on our thanks…”

“Greg – that’s really nicely shot – well done!”

“Thanks again for the fantastic job!”

“..headquarters praised the high quality of your shooting — they were very impressed by the splashes of red and gold, and the lovely close-ups of Chinese new year.”

“I’ve just viewed the video…Fantastic. My boss loves it!”

“Thank you for the material, great footage!

We are happy with the material…thank you for a great job!”

“Thanks for your good work! A pleasure Greg.

I, personally, am very pleased with the shots.”

“Thank you so much. Worked like a charm…Just from the thumbnails I can see the video is going to be great.”

“Thanks a lot though, and really, the package is such a triumph – very human with lovely images.”

“Thanks for the quick turnaround and the quality is great.”

“Really, REALLY appreciated the great job you and your crew did last night.  Client loved you, all went well…basically, thanks so much for making us look good.  Internet Society is new for us as well and so making a very good impression on them helps us a lot – and you were definitely a big part of that good impression.

Please take a look at our video portfolio or Vimeo page for a selection of some corporate video projects we’ve worked on.

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